2011 Ticket Prices Announced

There are some interesting notes from today’s announcement:

  • Weekday games (Mon-Thurs) during April and May will start at 6:40 PM
  • 30 of the 81 home games have upper deck tickets for $9
  • More than 1,000,000 seats throughout the season are $25 or less
  • Friday games continue to start at 7:10 and Sundays will be 1:40
  • The free parking for those that carpool will continue on Sundays while the first 100 cars in team controlled lots are free
  • There are 4 ticket levels this year rather than 5: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver
    • Diamond: Weekend games against BOS & STL
    • Platinum: Mon-Thurs vs NYY & BOS as well as opening day
    • Gold: any other weekend game
    • Silver: any other game not previously mentioned and all 300 level seats are $9
  • Fans can still bring in their own food for free
  • Saturday concerts to be announced at a later date
  • More tarps may be used over some seats

I was holding out hope they would go down to three tiers because dropping the fifth tier only amounted to changing eight games. The 6:40 start time is interesting because it helps with school nights but it also makes it very tough for parents to run home and grab the kids after work and get to the game in time. I am very interested to see if that has any affect on the attendance next season. I am most disappointed in the pricing points for the platinum and diamond seats because $17-$19 is a tough price point for a seat in section 302 Row S. Several times last season, I bypassed those games and went to the lower-priced games as I go to the games to watch the Rays, not to see who they are playing.


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