Around the Dock 11/22

First off, a site update. Hanselman and I would like to thank everyone that has come by this month. So many have visited the site in this first full month of the off-season that we have had our second best month of traffic in 2010 – better than April, May, and June. That’s pretty amazing!

In other news,  we have to pull the site down for a few days as we move it to a different host and give it a new look (less ads) and we’re hoping to do that over the Thanksgiving weekend as we hope the Rays do not plan on doing anything over the holiday weekend. We will probably pull the site down on Wednesday and have it back up no later than Monday.  Meanwhile, here are some recommended reads that we’ve enjoyed the last couple of days:

  • R.J. Anderson shreds some of the slanted and downright shoddy writing some of the local media has put out lately. It is almost as if they’re trying to get people to stay home.
  • Marc Topkin covers some possible trades but includes some laughers.  For instance, the image of B.J. Upton is laying sideways as of print time. He also says Jason Bartlett had a “so-so” year as his WAR value dropped 75% but Upton had a “disappointing” year in which he raised his WAR value. Huh??
  • Compare that to this piece from Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal which did a solid job of comparing Marco Scutaro and Jason Bartlett as both are rumored to be on the trading block.
  • Ken Davidoff discusses all of the potential compensatory draft picks the Rays have, what they need to do to rebuild the bullpen, and the fact Johnny Damon is eyeing a job with the Rays bringing him closer to his Orlando area home where he grew up.
  • A funny piece by CB Jones over at DRaysBay about the power of 3.
  • The most depressing image I’ve seen all month
  • Stu Sternberg granted an interview to WTSP’s Noah Pransky
  • Pranky’s personal blog, Shadow of the Stadium, updates us on the latest stadium news.

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2 Responses to Around the Dock 11/22

  1. Steve Slow says:

    I’m excited for the new look! Does this mean you’ll no longer be under the MSNBC banner?

    You guys have been doing great work…I fully expect you guys to keep growing and growing.

  2. Thanks, Steve.

    Yea, banner coming off the top so we will be truly independent which allows us a bit more flexibility with content, site features, and potential ad partnerships.

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