Victor Martinez and How It Relates to the Rays

Ignacio Serrano first reported on his blog that Victor Martinez is on the verge of signing a four-year deal with the Detroit Tigers for $50.m and that story was later confirmed by FoxSports’ Ken Rosenthal. This is not good news for the Rays related to compensation for Carl Crawford.

The Elias Rankings gave Victor Martinez a 87.054 grade while Crawford received a 85.128 grade; if Detroit signs both Martinez and Crawford, the Red Sox would get the first round compensation pick and the Rays would get the second round compensation pick along with the sandwich pick from MLB.

What this means is that in order for the Rays to get a first round pick in return for Crawford signing elsewhere, he would have to sign with one of the following clubs AND that club would not have to sign someone ranked higher on the Elias rankings (list courtesy of MLBTradeRumors):

  • Rockies
  • Blue Jays
  • Cardinals
  • White Sox
  • Red Sox
  • Padres
  • Rangers
  • Reds
  • Braves
  • Giants
  • Twins
  • Yankees
  • Phillies

Realistically, the Red Sox are the only team on that list with a serious shot at Crawford so the cost of the first round draft pick compensation would be watching Crawford play against the Rays 18 or more times a season. It would be ideal if the Giants found the cash to bring Crawford in as it gets him out of the division and almost assuredly locks in first round compensation. Personally, I’d rather see him go to the Angels and take the second round draft choice from Anaheim and hope that Rafael Soriano signs with the White Sox and not the Angels as then the Rays would get the Angels’ third round pick much like the Blue Jays did when A.J. Burnett signed with the Yankees along with CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira.

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2 Responses to Victor Martinez and How It Relates to the Rays

  1. Too bad the Padres have no money, Craw could beat all Cobb’s records if he played in PetCo have the time.

  2. Sam Crawford’s 36 triples in a single season record would be toast too

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