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This is an interview between two of my favorite baseball people: One that I know and one that I hope to meet someday. Jonah Keri is good people who has the book, “The Extra 2%,” coming out in early 2011 and has a great podcast that you need to subscribe to on iTunes. The other is new Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos who is quickly irritating me with his great baseball moves and interviews such as the one he did with Keri yesterday.

Keri: If you are going to run the team on a small budget, you would seem to have a blueprint to follow in the Rays, a team that won the AL East twice in three years, despite playing with a payroll a fraction the size of Boston’s and New York’s. What lessons can you draw from the Rays’ success?

Anthopoulos: Pffft. Where do I start? What they’ve done with the resources they had. It’s been said that they finished in last place, and piled up top draft picks. Some players came from there, sure. But the number of smart trades and good moves they made really showed how they could recognize value. They are absolutely one of the best-run franchises in baseball, arguably the best-run franchise. It hasn’t been a fluke or a flash in the pan. Scouting, player development, they plan well, they were built well, they have an identity. I think it all speaks for itself.

Click here to read the complete interview and let that bolded comment above soak in your brains as it flies in the face of the not so silent minority in the Tampa Bay area.


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