Updating Reliever Contracts

The first signing of the off-season was the well-covered three year deal for Joaquin Benoit. Yesterday, Arizona gave J.J. Putz a two year deal at $5m per season to be their closer with a third year team option. The meme is clear – pitchers and their agents are looking for multi-year deal security before signing a one-year deal right now. This is why Grant Balfour declined the arbitration offer and since he and Benoit share an agent, it is safe to assume that Balfour is also seeking a three year deal. Besides Benoit, Brandon Lyon is the only non-closer in recent memory to receive a three year deal so it is unlikely Balfour can get what he wants. There is a chance he could come back to the Rays on a deal similar to what Putz got in years and options but I cannot see the Rays matching the dollars of that deal.


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