2011 Free Agency Update

Last week while at the Winter Meetings, I posted a story that outlined how overpriced the free agent market was playing out. Here is an update to that table that includes Crawford’s new fortunes. The addition of Crawford’s contract means this year’s free agent class has been paid $34.9m $40.4m more than what Bradbury had calculated their value at back in his November article.

Hopefully, for the Rays sake, some market correction is coming soon as the player pool becomes larger than the jobs available in January when Friedman typically does his best work.


Player Value 2011 Contract +/-
Adrian Beltre $12.6m
Lance Berkman $9.8m $8.0m $1.8m
David Bush $4.5m
Carl Crawford $15.0m $20.2m -$5.2m
Johnny Damon $9.5m
Jorge De La Rosa $6.5m $11.25m -$4.75m
Adam Dunn $10.5m $14.0m -$3.5m
Jon Garland $8.5m
Vladimir Guerrero $7.5m
Orlando Hudson $10.0m
Aubrey Huff $11.0m $11.0m $0.0m
Derek Jeter $9.0m $17.0m -$8.0m
Paul Konerko $9.5m $12.0m -$2.5m
Hideki Kuroda $8.0m $12.0m -$4.0m
Cliff Lee $18.5m $24.0m -$5.5m
Victor Martinez $10.0m $12.5m -$2.5m
Kevin Millwood $6.5m
Carl Pavano $9.5m
Carlos Pena $10.0m $10.0m $0.0m
Andy Pettitte $6.0m
Scott Podsednik $4.0m
J.J. Putz $5.0m $5.0m $0.0m
Chad Qualls $5.0m
Manny Ramirez $7.0m
Jon Rauch $6.0m
Edgar Renteria $6.0m
Rafael Soriano $8.6m
Jim Thome $9.5m
Juan Uribe $7.0m $7.0m $0.0m
Jayson Werth $14.0m $18.0m -$4.0m
Jake Westbrook $7.0m $8.25m -$1.25m

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