Tropicana Field Fan Review

Earlier this year, I posted a fan review of Tropicana Field done by Paul Swaney over at He was kind enough to let me know they have done a new update to their review of Tropicana Field that went live today that I think you all may enjoy. The old girl takes a beating from many different sides, but overall, it is still a good facility for a game. Now, if they could just improve the location….

People have a misconception about Tropicana Field – the immediate impression is generally relegated to indoor baseball being sacrilege and therefore not worth the time to visit. Those people are missing out on some of the most-unique experiences available in and around an American ballpark based solely on an ingrained prejudice toward past domes, like Minneapolis’ Metrodome, Seattle’s Kingdome, and Houston’s Astrodome. Trust me, this is not your father’s Olympic Stadium….

Click here to read the full review by Jim Dietrich and a big thanks to him for sharing his unbiased view of Tropicana Field. Please post your reactions to the review in our comments below as I am interested in hearing your views compared to my own that are mostly negative due to the 123 mile drive I make to it each time I want to go to a game.


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2 Responses to Tropicana Field Fan Review

  1. buddaley says:

    I can’t comment on each of his ratings as they do not all apply to me. The commute for me is a cinch as is parking which I do nearby. I don’t eat much at the stadium, but when I have the selection has been fine, including the Cuban and the Turkey Leg. (My son is a beer afficionado, and he does get a pretty decent beer at one of the stands.) I also liked the Rays tank; it was fun feeding the rays.

    As for my overall experience, I like Tropicana Field. The sight lines are fine. I have had season tickets near the visitors bullpen, behind home plate in the third deck, downstairs just beyond 3B and next year on the press level at 3B. All were fine. I have sat elsewhere also and enjoyed it. The fans around me are neither more or less pleasant than they are in other parks I have attended. I know it is strange, but since I do not like being in crowds, I selfishly do not mind the low attendance. I don’t get more worked up because there are more people, but I do understand why some people might not like the emptiness.

    As for the attractiveness of Tropicana Field, I have no aesthetic objection. The scoreboard is informative and I do not find the architecture or anything else ugly. I don’t even mind the catwalks which seem to me to give an identity to the park. Fans of other teams who remark on the Trop’s cavernous look or ugly appearance irritate me; I am guessing they have never been there and/or are just parroting the commonly held view and like to say it as a way to mock the Rays-just as they harp on attendance.

    I am very much in favor of a new ball park, but not because I have any personal objection to this one. I enjoy going.

  2. Bob, I’m like you. I tend to enjoy the games more when there is elbow room in the seats. I left my seats in Game 2 of the ALDS to go stand in the Party Deck in LF because it was too cramped up in the top level of 307 when the people to my right were spilling into my seat.

    The Party Deck is far from the action, but it has short lines for concession and easy bathroom access as well. I tend to be one that likes to move around while watching a game so sitting downstairs is not that appealing to me unless the seat is at a great bargain.

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