Joel Peralta Coming to Terms

ESPN’s Buster Olney is reporting the Rays have come to terms with reliever Joel Peralta on a one year deal for $0.9m with the qualifier the deal is not yet completed. Hanselman is working a write-up for Peralta right now that will be up later this morning but let’s just say both of us are fans of this addition to the bullpen. While he is finishing his review, check out Tommy Rancel’s review from last week at TPR and Dave Cameron’s review over at FanGraphs.  Not to get all gushy, but this is why Andrew Friedman is the ****ing man. Last season, Peralta had a higher WAR value than Randy Choate and yet Peralta is signing with the Rays for $350K less than what the Marlins just paid Choate.

Last week, I said the winter meetings were playing out like a fantasy baseball draft where owners spent a lot of money early while others waited for the bargains to come in. Now, the Rays have potentially landed this bargain, the A’s got Hideki Matsui at a nice price, as did the Pirates in landing Lyle Overbay. If the Jenks rumors from last night also come to fruition, the Rays will have added two of the better relievers from 2010 to help ease the pain of losing its best bullpen of all time.


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