Garza and the Rangers

If you think what the Brewers paid to get Greinke could depress the expectations of the Rays and Indians as they test Matt Garza’s and Fausto Carmona’s market value, think again. Those two just got more difficult to pry loose. — Jamey Newberg

Keep that in mind as you hear any trade rumors involving Matt Garza now that Zack Greinke is off the market. I mentioned how awesome Newberg’s site was during the ALDS and it is pieces like this one why I continue to read his site even though I am not a Rangers fan.


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2 Responses to Garza and the Rangers

  1. Jason Hanselman says:

    Who would you be looking to target from the Rangers? Would it be possible to use them in a 3-way? I don’t really think a lot of most of their prospects now, though Mitch Moreland is interesting and Scheppers is a bit of a wild card.

  2. Moreland and Scheppers would be at the top of my list. I also like Ogando. I still feel unless the Rays are completely blown away with an offer, Garza is not going anywhere. Taking fair market value is being ripped off in this crazy off-season.

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