Rays and Social Media

Are you following the Rays on Facebook or on Twitter. You should be as it is a growing trend. Checkout the number of followers each of the American League East teams has on Facebook:

  • Yankees: 2,623,000
  • Red Sox: 1,680,000
  • Rays: 208,700
  • Blue Jays: 176,000
  • Orioles: 153,000

Additionally, check out the Twitter activity for the #Rays hashtag onTwitter over the past six month compared to the activity of the #Yankees and #RedSox hashtags (data from trendistic.com)




The amount of Rays’ fans activity on Twitter is impressive considering the difference in the sizes of the fan bases. That level of activity also shows up when you look at how many more followers Rays-related Twitter accounts have had over the past three months:

If you are not yet on  board, you are missing out on a group of very active and rapidly growing Rays fans on social media. After all, it is the middle of the off-season yet this blog and the two others we work closely with, TheProcessReport and DRaysBay,  are on pace to exceed 125,000 visitors as a group in December. Additionally, we are having our second best month of 2010 for visitors and could possibly eclipse our best month which was October 2010.

I promise you, becoming more active in the social media arena will enhance your game-day experience in 2011.

**UPDATE**: The guys at RaysProspects did a similar story back in early May and have posted an update comparing the May numbers to the ones above


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2 Responses to Rays and Social Media

  1. Michael Weber of RaysRev.com left this comment on Facebook for me that exemplifies what I’m getting at here

    Twitter definitely makes watching the games more exciting on a night by night basis. It’s like being w/ a Rays gang every night. It’s also great for interacting w/ fans from other teams and getting other perspectives. I love the arguments I have w/ Red Sox fan and Yankees fan on twitter….

    That’s what I’m talking about!

  2. Jason Hanselman says:

    I can back up Mike on that. Most of my friends up here don’t care all that much about baseball or are casual fans. Watching with Twitter on or in a Gameday Thread makes me feel like I’m watching the game with a bunch of like-minded buds. We argue, we get emotional, but in the end, it’s nice to know that something that you love, that you live and die with on a daily basis, is the same experience that others are feeling out there in this incredibly shrinking world.

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