Archer Interviewed on Minors and Majors

New prospect Chris Archer was on XM175/Sirius210’s Minors and Majors show this morning with Grant Paulsen. If you are an XM/Sirius subscriber, you need to make this show part of your regularly scheduled listens as Paulsen has an excellent show that I’ve listened to for a long time now. Here are some of the notes I jotted down from the interview:

  • Repertoire: Fastball low to mid 90’s, hard slider, change-up, show-me curve
  • He throws the curve at times to change the eye level because his slider is a hard one rather than a slurvy one
  • He feels he can throw his change-up to both lefties and righties and he probably threw it 10% of the time in starts last year. He feels confident enough in the pitch that he would like to throw it 12-15% in games moving forward
  • He is ready to accept whatever role the Rays want to use in moving forward
  • He has worked hard both on and off the mound on improving his control using sessions, long-toss, and even throwing in front of a mirror to improve his muscle memory which is one reason his walk rate has improved each of the past three seasons
  • Brandon Guyer is a joker. He was the last guy to get his physical yesterday and he walked out of the room with the doctor and told the others that something came up on his physical and it was probably going to nix the deal. Unfortunately, he was only able to hold in his laughter for a few seconds after saying it.
  • He and Guyer were named the Cubs minor league pitcher and player of the year

His comments on his bag of pitches are interesting because it is different from what Baseball America’s John Manuel said last year:

“Archer always has had a big-time curveball, his issue has been control, not how hard/easy he is to hit. I think of him more as a Tom Gordon type of guy, he could be a solid starter but I don’t see front of the rotation b/c he’s not the strike-thrower you need to be as a No. 1 or No. 2. More likely ceiling is No. 3 starter or perhaps shut-down reliever w/that knockout breaking ball.”

Overall, Archer was a funny, humble, and well-spoken. I look forward to seeing what he can do within this organization. Here are Archer’s numbers from the past two seasons that he spent in Low A, High A, and AA:

  • Innings pitched: 251
  • Hits allowed per nine innings: 6.4
  • Home runs allowed per nine innings: 0.2 (0 in 2009, 6 in 2010)
  • Walks allowed per nine innings: 4.7 (5.4 in 2009, 4.1 in 2010)
  • Strikeouts per nine innings: 9.6
  • Strikeout to walk ratio: 2.0 (1.8 in 2009, 2.3 in 2010)
  • ERA: 2.54
  • FIP: 2.84
  • Opponents’ On Base Percentage: .305

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3 Responses to Archer Interviewed on Minors and Majors

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  3. toonsterwu says:

    Archer was a curve guy in his youth. The Cubs helped him develop the nasty slider he has now.

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