Meet Your New Rays

Naturally, the Rays heard from many potential suitors for Garza before they accepted the Cubs’ offer. Archer and Lee offer significant future upside potential, but Tampa Bay also was intrigued by the offensive ability of corner outfielder Brandon Guyer and catcher Robinson Chirinos, both of whom spent most of last season in Double-A, and strong defensive center fielder Sam Fuld.

Matt Eddy and John Manuel of Baseball America put a nice piece together combining the player notes for all five players the Rays acquired into one convenient article


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4 Responses to Meet Your New Rays

  1. jimwisinski says:

    That’s a really nice breakdown of the players involved.

    I think this trade is getting undersold by Rays fans as just a move to clear a spot in the rotation and add pieces for the future; there’s definitely some “now” potential here. Fuld is a better choice for a backup outfielder than Ruggiano or Perez so there’s an upgrade to the bench right there. Chirinos is a good month or two at AAA away from a potential call-up as either the backup catcher or a super-utility guy, there’s even an outside chance I think of him making the roster out of spring training. Guyer isn’t that far behind him in potential readiness and even Archer might see action in late 2011.

    They need Shields and Niemann (the most likely guys to be booted from the rotation to make room for Hellickson if no trade was made) to pitch well and show that Garza wasn’t a poor choice to be the one to go but the team has a pretty decent shot to be better in 2011 than they were before this happened.

    • Thanks, Jim – glad you liked it. I think there’s a shot both Fuld and Ruggiano make the OF and Jennings goes back to Durham for service clock issues. I have faith in Shields coming back to his 09 form and I just Niemann holds up. He is the guy that concerns me the most but his years of control and price make him too valuable right now. I’m not sure there is a market for Niemann right now given the concerns that were out there about his elbow coming out of college; his elbow apparently looks a lot older on an MRI.

  2. jimwisinski says:

    Are you sure it was elbow concerns? I know his injuries in the minors were shoulder related but I wouldn’t be surprised if his elbow was in questionable shape as well. Niemann is a weird guy to evaluate. Solid rookie season and a great follow-up year until he returned from injury and was completely out of whack mechanically. Not great stuff and his strikeout rate is nothing special but he has maintained a solid K/BB. I don’t think he’s a 3.00 ERA guy like the pre-injury season but you’ve gotta think there’s some real potential there for a major rotation asset. But there’s the obvious injury risk and I agree about the low trade value, you’re combining injury risk with a guy that was a complete mess after a couple weeks off and took a while to get right again, that’s a bit scary for the Rays or anyone else. I think they made the right move keeping him regardless though, I’d like to see more of him and just pray that shoulder/elbow holds up.

    I think someone that is really flying under the radar for almost everyone going into next season is Wade Davis. Here’s a guy with a pretty good minor league track record and the scouting reports to back it up, a strong showing in his cup of coffee last year, and a very strong finish to the season. I think he’s the 2nd best pitcher in the rotation behind Price in 2011.

  3. Yea, it was elbow. Verified it last month and RJ has heard the same stuff.

    Niemann keeps the Rays in the games when he is on but for me, he’s really the 5th starter on this team.

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