Some Personal News

This was too big for Twitter and not everyone is my Facebook friend, so please allow me to dive somewhat off-topic for one post:

Most of you know that I got my start in baseball writing from fantasy baseball. In 2001, I started writing about minor league prospects at RotoJunkie; that site was eventually purchased by Fanball where I’ve been since September of 2008 writing about fantasy baseball and football. Fanball also gave me the reigns to this blog in July of 2009 and I am forever grateful for both opportunities.

It is not much of an industry secret at this point that Fanball is winding down its fantasy baseball operations so I declined arbitration and became a free agent. I considered taking out a half-page ad in the local paper thanking Fanball for a great 28 months but I saw the blowback Carl Crawford took for his actions and I just do not have the cash on hand to take out a full-page ad expressing my gratitude.

In all seriousness, my time at Fanball was extremely enjoyable working live events in Dallas, Las Vegas, and New York and working with awesome people such as Ray Flowers, Greg Ambrosius, Tom Kessenich, Kyle Elfrink, Ted Carlson, Ryan Boyer, Bryan Douglass, David Rogers, Charlie Wiegert, Mike Sheets, Seth Trachtman, Noah Wenz, Rick Hawes, Danny Goldin, and the big bossman, Ryan Houston.  It is never easy leaving teammates, especially when I consider them good friends despite the fact they force-fed me shots of tequila and tabasco sauce the first night we all got together which caused me to get sick all over the Doubletree hotel courtyard the next afternoon in front of some rather esteemed company. That said, I am very excited to join the new teams in my writing career.

Starting today, I am joining Baseball Prospectus to be part of their fantasy baseball writing staff that is led by Marc Normandin.  I will be publishing content twice a week as well as doing live chats some evenings and some radio spots throughout the year.

Starting February 1st, I am joining the staff to run a weekly column on minor league prospects for fantasy baseball players that will focus on how to best employ statistical analysis, strategies, and scouting into building a successful fantasy farm system. Rotowire also has a radio show on XM 147/Sirius 211 each weekday afternoon from 11a-2p that I will continue to appear on as I did throughout 2010.

These new opportunities and this blog allow me to continue to write about my true passions related to the sport of baseball and I thank you all for your continued support.


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6 Responses to Some Personal News

  1. davidbloom says:

    Congrats on the new Gigs! Where do you find all this time?

  2. Jason Hanselman says:

    Congrats, JC! BP is a great gig from what I hear.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Nice. Congrats man.

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