Kyle Farnsworth Added

One of the posters over at DRaysBay is reporting it this morning and Editor Steve Slowinski got private confirmation of the deal from that same poster who did not want to reveal his source in public. Tommy Rancel and others are working to see if if the deal is official.

Buster Olney now confirms a deal is in place while we await official word from the Rays personnel. Olney is reporting the deal is for $3.25m with an option that could make the deal worth $6m over the next two seasons. If you read my other post this morning where I suggested the Rays sign Balfour or Rauch for $3.5m, this move either replaces that one for the club or the Fuentes move if my guesstimations were off for his salary demands.

RJ Anderson, the artificial life form that he is, already has an analysis up of Farnsworth. The mere human Steve Slowinski has one up as well. There’s also a great story on ESPN Insider (not sure if subscription is needed) from back in May about Farnsworth the man.


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