Balfour to Oakland and 2011 Draft Update

Grant Balfour is getting a multi-year deal according to FoxSports’ Jon Paul Morosi. Terms have not been announced at this time. Even though Balfour is a Type A free agent, the Rays do not get Oakland’s first round pick because Oakland’s pick is protected based on their record. Instead, the Rays get Oakland’s second round pick and another sandwich pick from MLB. With this signing, the Rays draft order before the second round even starts now sits at:

  • 24th (from Boston)
  • 31st (from New York)
  • 32nd (their own)
  • 38th (losing Soriano from MLB)
  • 41st (losing Crawford from MLB)
  • 42nd (losing Balfour from MLB)
  • 52nd (losing Benoit from MLB)
  • 56th (losing Choate from MLB)
  • 59th (losing Hawpe from MLB)
  • 60th (losing Qualls from MLB)

Assuming the 61st pick kicks off the 2nd round of the draft as it stands now, the Rays also have:

  • 72nd (from Oakland)
  • 86th (their own)

This order can change before the draft depending on who is signed, but it is safe to say the Rays now own 12 of the first 90 picks in the draft. Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein looked back at last year and computed that those draft slots had a combined bill of $9.1m so that is the likely floor for paying for this group of picks in 2011.

Aaron Gleeman of HardBallTalk had this to say:

Oh, and the Rays also have their own second-round pick, which is 88th overall, giving them 12 of the top 88 picks. Based on Victor Wang’s work on draft pick value over at The Hardball Times, those 12 picks are likely worth around $30 million. That won’t help Tampa Bay contend in 2011, but it’ll go a long way toward keeping the farm system stocked for years to come.

Andrew Friedman’s message to the rest of the league:

thanks to and for their info that helped me put this order together

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