Welcome The Garfoose

Rob Neyer just said on Twitter that Dirk Hayhurst, a.k.a The Garfoose, is signing a contract with the Rays. While it has not been officially announced, Hayhurst hinted at it last night in conversing with Jonah Keri. The Rays announced this morning that Hayhurst has been signed to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training.

Hayhurst is yet another well-rounded character that also happens to be an author having penned The Bullpen Gospels last season and had the “Non Prospect Diary” at Baseball America. I haven’t read the book yet because my mother has not given it back to me as she intended to purchase it for me as a Christmas gift but started reading it before she wrapped it and has not yet found the time to finish it.

Hayhurst missed the 2010 season with the same problem that shelved J.P. Howell last season and Hayhurst took the time to write about it for the Augusta Gazette last February. Hayhurst has but 39 innings of major league experience, mostly in relief but he was very effective in AAA Las Vegas in 2008 and 2009 which is not a very easy place to pitch.

Trivia bit – Hayhurst and Andy Sonnanstine were college teammates at Kent State during the 2003 season.


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