The Bar

The reactions to adding Manny Ramirez have been mostly positive, but there have been detractors. To those in the latter boat, I have but one slash line for you:


That is the cumulative slash line of the primary DH’s the Rays have employed since the start of the 2007 season. Ramirez has not had a stat line that horrid since his rookie season at age 21 when he had a .502 OPS in 55 plate appearances. Even last year in his forgettable stint with the White Sox, he had a .261/.420/.319 slash line in 88 plate appearances.

Simply put, he is the best DH this club has been able to utilize since Jose Canseco in 1999 and barring a complete collapse, should be able to hurdle the DH bar set by his last five predecessors in his sleep.


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5 Responses to The Bar

  1. Jonathan says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. People can point out all of the warts they want. The fact is, we aren’t comparing last years lineup to this years lineup. We’re comparing the lineup from 2 days ago to the lineup today. That addition of Manny and Damon to that lineup makes it significantly better and the front office was able to do so at a minimal financial risk. The bottom line – It’s a win, and a pretty big one.

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  3. Bill Petti says:

    Agreed, this is a great deal for Tampa–especially given the price. Plus, his BABIP and K% were stable last year, which bodes well for a another high OBP season. Also, his career split for DH is .311/.413/.968, so it isn’t like he’ll have a hard time adjusting to not playing the field.

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