Twice As Nice

Earlier this week, it was announced the Rays had signed pitcher/author/speaker Dirk Hayhurst who has a cult-like following with baseball fans online as The Garfoose.  I was already a fan of him from reading his non-prospect diary at Baseball America but as the parent of a child with special needs, the Hayhurst signing is doubly nice.

Mrs. Hayhurst, a.k.a @groovygarfoose, is a board-certified music therapist who uses her talents to empower children, teens, and adults with special needs through Music Therapy. She has a site set up on Facebook so those interested can follow the work she does. I can speak from personal experience of the impact of this work as music has been a big part of my own son’s development and how our family functions in dealing with his Asberger’s condition.

The Rays seem to specialize in targeting players with high make-up and/or character; in this case they have gotten two for the price of one.  The video below is an example of The Groovy Garfoose at work doing a production of Glee.


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2 Responses to Twice As Nice

  1. kgengler says:

    It looks like she’s originally from the area, too, at least she graduated from Clearwater Christian College

  2. Jason Hanselman says:

    Her and Mrs. Zobrist should get along swimmingly.

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