Manny Facts

I had already planned a list of “Did you know?” stats for this post, but @Dave_Gershman put out this fantastic graphic tonight that really hammers the value of adding Manny Ramirez home.

Now, the stats:

  1. Manny has a total of $46M dollars of deferred money due him from the Red Sox and Dodgers from 2011-2026 according to Cot’s. The Dodgers have three more installments that total up to $15M while the Red Sox pay him $1.94m a year over the next 16 years. That is how he can afford to sign with the Rays for just $2M.
  2. Manny had a .409 OBP last season in what many called a down year for him. That OBP was still 37 points higher than the highest effort by a Rays player in 2010 (Jaso .372).
  3. Only three other players in franchise history have ever had an OBP of at least .400 with 300 or more plate appearances: Fred McGriff in 1999 (.405) , Carlos Pena in 2007 (.411), and Ben Zobrist in 2009 (.405).
  4. Manny’s .870 OPS last season would have trailed only Evan Longoria‘s .879. Yes, Manny in a down year had a better OPS than Carl Crawford in a career year.
  5. Manny had a 138 OPS+ last season. OPS+ compares a player’s OPS to the league average. Only seven times in franchise history has a Rays player had an OPS+ that high in a single season: Jonny Gomes in 2005, Fred McGriff in 1999 and 2001, Evan Longoria last season, Aubrey Huff in 2003, Ben Zobrist in 2009, and Carlos Pena owns the best one at 172 in 2007.
  6. Manny had 204 walks from 2008 to 2010 – which is 14 more than Evan Longoria despite 435 less plate appearances.
  7. Manny has a career OPS over at least 1.000 against 13 different franchises in baseball including the New York Yankees who he has hit at a .322/.413/.617 clip in 861 career plate appearances.
  8. Manny has hit .338/.468/.597 in his last 231 at bats that have come in high leverage situations which includes 12 home runs and 90 RBI along with 56 walks and just 57 strikeouts.

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One Response to Manny Facts

  1. I.Welsh-Art says:

    This just made me all giddy. Can we fast forward to March already?

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