A Clean Slate

“I’m really looking forward to this season. And, oh yes, don’t forget about what our new acquisitions, Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon, will be able to contribute.”

Manny Ramirez!?

“I don’t care what’s happened in the past,” he says. “I always start with a clean slate with any player. All I ask out of any of my players is to always play hard and to be prepared for the game. I’ve seen enough of Manny Ramirez to see what he’s capable of doing.”

Maddon makes a pitch to becoming Belmont Shore’s Director of Tourism and relates a funny Will Ferrell story in this same interview that the quote above was lifted from.


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4 Responses to A Clean Slate

  1. buddaley says:

    I have repeated this or similar comments elsewhere regarding Manny:
    “During the time Manny supposedly quit on Boston he hit .347/.473/.587. Apparently he was having disagreements with management (and exactly why should we assume that management was right?) yet his on- field performance during that disagreement was the best of the year while in Boston. Some quitting!

    Meanwhile, in LA, he hit .366/.441/.598 in June and then got hurt so that he only had 16 plate appearances total in July/August. Again, why does that suggest quitting? He did have an operation after the season. Do you think that was just to support his claim to an injury that was really fake?

    This knee-jerk acceptance of the myths that Manny quits on teams or does not work hard to win really should be stopped.”
    I know that is not really the reason you linked to that interview, but it bugs me anyway. I really do like Joe Maddon.

    • I’ve made it a point to highlight some of the good stories with Manny when I’ve been on radio lately and admonish those who only want to report on his bad news. Your numbers further point out what I am talking about — people look so hard for the bad in him they miss the good. Guess what, he’s damn good!

  2. davidbloom says:

    Manny is good and for salary they are paying him it will be money well spent. I still don’t understand how Manny accepted a figure like he did. But,he’s Longorial’s wing man now.

    Evan Damon, his power was down last year but still hits with contact and gets on bas well.

    Manny will be good until he decides to push the envelope which has happened before. Joe’s job will be to make sure that doesn’t happen so soon. Boston vs Rays is now bigger than Yankees

    • Manny has $46m of deferred salary due him — he can afford to take the paycut. Besides, if he wanted a fulltime job, it was here or Baltimore at the point of his signing and this was the better situation.

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