Roster Move Explanation is officially showing both Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez as signed which put the Rays 40 man roster two spots over the legal limit. Sometime today, the club will announce the names of two players that will be designated for assignment (DFA’d) in order to get the team down to the legal limit. Once a player has been DFA’d, several things can happen:

In three of those four scenarios, the player leaves the organization so expect to see two current players in the organization likely move onto another organization or another career sometime today. If you are holding out hope of a late trade, it is unlikely with the players that would be leaving because the other clubs have a fair handle on which players the club is putting on the wire.  I speculated the two players are likely coming from a group of Justin Ruggiano, Jose Lobaton, and recent Rule V draft pick Cesar Cabral but it could also include Elliot Johnson who like Ruggiano is out of minor league options or Cuban import Leslie Anderson who appears to be crowded out of both the outfield and the infield with the recent trade with the Cubs and the signing of Casey Kotchman at first base.


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  1. buddaley says:

    Two questions:

    If Elliott Johnson is DFAed, would the Rays be satisfied to go with Brignac, Sean Rodriguez and Zobrist as the only middle infielders on the roster? They have some non-40 man roster middle infielders in the high minors, but if needed it would entail DFAing another player. I am not particularly enthusiastic about Elliott Johnson, but I think the Rays value his positional flexibility and switch hitting.

    Do you think Lobaton is more likely to be DFAed than Nevin Ashley? I understand that Ashley is considered a plus defender, better than Lobaton, but I think Lobaton is a decent defensive catcher. And I think also that Lobaton has some slight offensive edge, especially as a switch hitter, although neither seems to project as much of an offensive force.

    Also, isn’t there still a PTBNL due SD in the Bartlett deal? Might that be Ruggiano? And what are the chances that the Rays hang onto Cabral who has never pitched above high A?

    • Given the depth at catcher in the organization now (that’s finally nice to say), I think one of them is a goner. Ashley has more fans.

      There is a PTBNL in the Padres deal and Cabral going there could be it as I was told by one scouting type the Padres had him on their short list for the PTBNL in the Adrian Gonzalez deal.

      Rodriguez, Zobrist, and Brignac all have a lot of SS experience and have proven offensive ability at the big league level. Most organizations are lucky to have two players that fit that profile.

      I just don’t see the club carrying so many players out of options into opening day.

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