Three Wishes

Pitchers and catchers report in just a few days and the 2011 FanFest is but a week away as thousands of Rays fans gather at Tropicana Field to walk on the new field surface, get autographs and pictures, and purchase items to help raise money for the officers killed in the line of duty. As we officially kick off the start of the 2011 baseball season, we all enter with a different set of expectations for the season. The optimist sees the glass half full with a return to the post-season, the pessimist sees the glass half empty with a return to the losing ways that identified this franchise for so long while others don’t care if the glass is half full or half empty just as long as it has beer in it.

This season, I have three wishes for the team this year:

  1. That the number of stories about attendance woes at Tropicana Field are less than the number of home runs James Shields gives up
  2. That B.J. Upton joins the 20/40/60/80/100 club: 20 home runs, 40 steals, 60 extra base hits, 80 RBI, 100 runs which was last done by Jimmy Rollins and Hanley Ramirez in 2007.
  3. That the bullpen exceed all expectations, especially the lowest ones that have been consistently pushed forth by the mainstream pundits this off-season.

What are your three wishes for the 2011 season?


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4 Responses to Three Wishes

  1. buddaley says:

    My first wish is that your 3 wishes come true. (I know that is cheating).

    My second is that Manny has one more big year in him.

    My third is that Dan Johnson proves he’s a solid major leaguer, not just an AAAA player.

    Ok, if my first one doesn’t count, then my wish is that Joyce proves himself an above average offensive (and defensive) corner outfielder over the course of a full year.

  2. Jason Hanselman says:

    1) Maddon finally earns the benefit of the doubt from fans and local media
    2) Three out of four of offense, defense, starters, and relievers are clicking at the same time throughout the entirety of the season.
    3) Everyone stays healthy and plays close to their ability

    If two and three happen, then one is almost assured and if we get all three then it’s going to be another extremely fun season to watch ending in a playoff spot.

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