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Greetings from the middle of media-blitz day. This morning, I hosted the ESPN 1040 Insiders show, and I’m currently sitting in the 88.5 FM studios in Tampa recording the PTBNL podcast with Erik Hahmann and Tommy Rancel as we break down the AL East and then later it is off to the BHSN studios to some video recording with JB Long.

I got this question forwarded to me the other day from my friend Seth Stohs of SethSpeaks.net. Seth also worked hard this off-season on a Twins Prospect guide which you might recall as I cited his work in my review of Rob Delaney last month.

I am a big Twins fan, but living in Tampa I also have an interest in the Rays. Do you know if someone publishes something similar to your Prospect Handbook for the Rays and how I can contact them?

While I was not aware of a prospect handbook for the Rays, the easy answer to the question was directing that person to raysprospects.com. That site has been linked on our blog roll over to the right since this site has been live as both Hanselman and I are fans of the work Doug Milhoan and Kevin Gengler as they dive as deep, if not deeper,  into the prospects as we do for most of the guys on the 40 man roster on this blog.

Given the amount of talent in this organization and its annual high ranking in the overall prospect grades, we strongly suggest you make them part of your reading habits in the 2011 season as we already do.


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