Introduction to Sabermetrics

A couple of times this off-season, I have linked to the hilarious videos from Bradley Woodrum of DRaysBay explaining a few of the basic sabermetric concepts. The concept made such an impression that Brighthouse Sports Network reached out to myself and Tommy Rancel about doing some video interview in studio to explain some of the concepts without using luck dragons or punching anyone in the face.

Both Tommy and I had a nice relationship with BHSN last season as we, along with R.J. Anderson, provided them with content throughout the exciting second half of the 2010 season so we’re excited to be renewing that relationship as the 2011 season gets underway. Last night, JB Long invited us into the studio to film seven different segments on some of the popular sabermetric concepts in an attempt to help mainstream terms such as wOBA and WAR into the market both online and on sportscasts. This story helps set up the premise of the project as Rancel and I serve as the “experts” while Long is our resident dummy. We kid, of course, as JB has been great to get to know over the past months and he was the driver behind the scenes to get this project going and we are very appreciative of his efforts as well as BHSN for bringing us in as the subject matter experts.

The videos do not embed but here is the intro video which sets the table for the segments that will be rolling out over the next few days. Thanks again to JB Long and the crew at for setting this up and staying late on a Sunday night to work within our schedules.


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