Sternberg Speaks to the Media

Video courtesy of Marc Topkin of the St. Pete Times who may or may  not have operated the camera on the Blair Witch Project. All kidding aside, some great information in this and I wish I was there rather than stuck in cubicle hell today.

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2 Responses to Sternberg Speaks to the Media

  1. I.Welsh-Art says:

    It’s nice to finally get some insight to how he feels about the situation. The fact he mentions that this was his plan all along is very insightful as into how long they actually were aware of the free agents and what they needed to do. Somewhat seems that some of the reporters were goading him into placing blame on someone for the paycut, wanting to feed into the fans are the issue again? I don’t know, but awesome post, really glad to see this.

  2. I loved the part about, “some that follow the team appreciate the process.” The club is too analytical to do anything rash and rash would have been hopping waist deep into the crazy relief market and going 2-3 years with a $4-5M AAV for the relievers available. Considering the situation as the off-season began, the fact that ESPN gave them their third highest grade this off-season is saying something.

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