Maddon Confirms McGee’s Move to Pen

@SPTimesRays: #Rays Maddon confirms LHP Jake McGee will be used in relief (which helps bid to make team).

I have been saying for awhile that this is what the Rays could end up doing so a little validation is always a good thing. R.J. Anderson wrote about this same future a few weeks back and my post last month outlined why I felt McGee had a very good chance at being the club’s primary closer in 2011. In that article, I stated:

The only knock on McGee’s work is that most of it has been done with his fastball. Minor leaguers had a swinging strike rate of 23 percent against McGee last season, but our own Mike Fast says that of the 81 pitches McGee threw with the Rays last year, 73 of them were fastballs. If a closer is going to get by on just one pitch, they need to have exceptional command of that pitch. That being said, McGee had a 39 percent whiff rate on his fastball at the major league level despite the fact most batters knew a fastball was coming.

It appears as if McGee will get a chance to show his stuff as a member of the, “closer by committee,” and his high-octane stuff will be a welcome addition to the mix.

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