That is where I will be all day tomorrow to enjoy the experience with my family for the first couple of hours and then soak in the panels in the afternoon. I’m told that there will be a special hash tag for Rays fans to use while tweeting from the event tomorrow so look for details on the scoreboard once you get inside tomorrow. I will likely be wearing out my blackberry and maybe even my laptop at some point so if you see me working away, come by and say hi.


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3 Responses to FanFest

  1. tellrodt says:

    I’m sick as a dog but still plan on makin’ it for a little bit. Missed last RaysFest for a charity golf tournament and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy it… which I’m sure I will 😉

    • Well, just wave – make sure we don’t shake hands 🙂

      Last year was the first time I was able to make it over as I was finally in-state and it was worth the 2 hour drive over from East Orlando. This year, I made it a weekend and am staying with family in Dunedin so the drive is a lot easier.

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