Intro to Sabermetrics: LOB% and FIP

The final two segments of our Intro to Sabermetrics series with BHSN are up.  JB Long asks Tommy Rancel and I to explain Left On Base percentage (LOB%) and Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP). Click here to learn about LOB% and Click here to learn about FIP. If you missed any of the previous part of this serious, the links below are available to help you catch up.

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3 Responses to Intro to Sabermetrics: LOB% and FIP

  1. raysprof says:

    Jason – I am just astonished to see big name media discussing these non-traditional statistics. How was this relationship established and why is channel 9 willing to air it?

    However, I do question the “take home message” for BABIP. While you eloquently described how BABIP can be used for determining luck for a batter (Jason “Mr. MVP” Bartlett was a good example), the message came across is that for pitchers, the luck aspect does not apply. Hence the BABIP for a pitcher is a direct consequence of the performance of that pitcher. Are you planning to discuss sample size, variance/standard deviation, pulling data from a population and other basic fundamental principles of statistics?

    Regardless – this is an incredible series. Hats off to the 3 of you.

    [Sadly, I am not holding out much hope that it will be adopted by those who announce the games on TV, thought I bet Todd Kalis would be receptive. Most announcers make me cringe.]

    • We did some writing for last season and we talked about doing this back then but they were the ones who restarted that flame to get this projection going this year.

      We would have loved to speak further on the pitching side but we were limited in these 4 minute segments which is akin to a slow elevator ride with your boss as he asks you to explain a new project. Our goal is to get these series enough clicks to where BHSN’s managers see the interest and bring us in to do a more expansive talk about each piece.

      I heard Staats and Anderson mention a few of these last year and I think the removal of Kevin Kennedy will actually help these stats get utilized more because he was as old school as it got and never gave the impression he cared to learn more about these metrics.

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