One More Reason To Run

From the Giants’ blog Triples Alley

The difference between the best and worst teams at making productive outs is approximately two wins.  The Giants were -13 runs below the average at hitting into double plays, tied with the Baltimore Orioles for the worst in the Major Leagues.  The best team at avoiding them were the Tampa Bay Rays at +11 runs. It would behoove the Giants to avoid double plays in 2011

This piggybacks of my post the other day on where Longoria and Ramirez should hit and further advocated hitting Ramirez fourth.


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One Response to One More Reason To Run

  1. raysprof says:

    If the prediction is that Longoria will be a more productive hitter than Ramirez, then the decision is obvious – more PA for Longoria. If the prediction is that Ramirez will be more productive, then the calculation becomes difference between the number of runs produced by Ramirez 3rd, Longo 4th vs. Longo 3rd, Ramirez 4th given that the 3rd batter will see more PAs, minus the difference between the number of DPs generated by the L/R, R/L combination times some factor to covert to runs. If this calculation is negative, then Longo should hit third. I don’t have the values for the number of PAs per batting position, but the Rays will.

    If I am a betting man (and I am), I would guess the PECOTA has underestimated Longo (again), while overestimating Ramirez. Like you, I would bet on seeing Longo 3rd most of the season.

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