Rays Video Interviews – February 18th

These, courtesy of the RaysPressBox staff live at Port Charlotte.


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One Response to Rays Video Interviews – February 18th

  1. raysprof says:

    Good clip. For those of us on the west coast, local TB interviews are rarely seen. It is interesting that Maddon, a data driven man, said if you look at/break down the numbers, Shields had a lot of bad luck. This clip should remind us how impressive the players are for answering the same questions annually. When I had an opportunity to ask Bruce Bochy questions once about a dozen years ago, I asked him about running a 4 man rotation (he really wanted to), the level of assessment during spring training (looking mostly for warning signs), his pattern for calling pitches. (no comment-with a smile), etc. The 4-man rotation lead to a long discussion of training patterns which extended to the minors, etc. In these questions, I hear “are you glad to be here”. Sigh.

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