Shields and Manny

James Shields discusses his first day facing live batters and watch Shields face Manny Ramirez at full speed. Videos courtesy of @RaysPressBox


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5 Responses to Shields and Manny

  1. Jason Hanselman says:

    Manny looks like crap, WHAT AN AWFUL DEAL?!?!?!

  2. raysprof says:

    Paraphrasing Earl Weaver, “In September, nobody cares about your record in March.”

    • True, but when the Rays have a good March, they tend to have a good September too 🙂 Jason and I were being completely sarcastic here as well.

      • Jason Hanselman says:

        Yup, here’s hoping these guys can get stretched out without pulling anything between now and April 1 (or even better November 1).

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