Nice Praise For Wade

Not Davis, Cory Wade. R.J. Anderson first wrote him up over at TPR when the signing happened but Tommy Rancel has had two interesting pieces on Wade in recent weeks. Tommy first covered the effectiveness of Wade’s curveball  and then got fancy with heat graphs on the pitch showing how it was used against both lefties and righties. Then comes this comment from Joe Maddon after workouts today in Port Charlotte:

“I thought he  looked really good. Here’s a young man that knows exactly who he is and what he needs to do…I find him very interesting and I know Andrew [Friedman] has liked him for awhile…he’s definitely in our mix, and we like him a lot actually.”

Maddon was also quite complimentary of Joel Peralta according to the end of day camp notes but the difference between Peralta and Wade is one is on a major league deal while the other is on a minor league deal. Wade is on the pitching probables list for Monday’s game against Pittsburgh which will be our first look at him. If you cannot wait until then, check out this video from the 2009 season as he explains his role in the bullpen with the Dodgers.

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