Rays Stat of the Day: Isolated Power

If you viewed our video series with BHSN.com, this term should sound familiar. In case you did not, here is how it is defined by wikipedia:

Isolated Power or ISO is a sabermetricsbaseball statistic which measures a batter’s raw power. The formula is Slugging Percentage minus Batting Average, which removes all the singles that are included in SLG%. The final result measures how many extra bases a player averages per at bat.

With that in mind, here are the top ISO performers for the Rays last season. Take note of the two players at the top (stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com):


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5 Responses to Rays Stat of the Day: Isolated Power

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  2. raysprof says:

    Since this appears to be a conversation between you Jason Collette and myself, Scot Gould – easy to search for given only 1 ‘t’ in my name (my family was poor) lets look at Isolated Power (ISO). As your host says – what is it good for (yes, I know he meant WAR), but unless everything is equal, such as BA, the answer might be: absolutely nothing. And rarely is BA identical. Look at the list. One keeps Jason, Zobrist and comfortably tosses those with higher ISO: Burrell, Pena, Shoppach. A better predictor of number of runs based on batting order is still OBP.

    But I must admit, given your time to explain a concept, you do a very good job. Ever considered teaching?

    • Jason Hanselman says:

      It’s pretty good at what it intends to quantify, which is power. By no means should you line guys up by Iso and assume that that list doubles as a ranking of overall talent at the plate. Sorry to join the fracas, but as in all things, know the strengths and weaknesses of the tool that you’re using and use it appropriately. After all, you wouldn’t use a tape measure to cut a board.

      • Yep – totally. I love citing this stat because I get funny looks when I communicate with others I believe Joyce has 20+ HR potential this season because, “he only hit 10 last year.” This is the easiest way I know to explain where I’m coming from.

  3. I was actually a classroom teacher (K-8) and district level technology trainer for 10 years before joining the private sector 🙂

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