Elliot Johnson’s Platoon Splits at Durham 2008 – 10

Being a switch hitter (or a Puppy-D) you wouldn’t expect much of a platoon split out of Elliot Johnson.  I wanted to take a quick look to see if this is the case as he’s in a 3-way race for 25th man on the roster with Felipe Lopez and Joe Inglett.  Tomorrow I will incorporate the other two so that we can compare them to each other, but for now let’s take a look at Elliot Johnson.

Big thanks to MinorLeagueSplits.com still hosting the data for all of this even if it’s not for noobs no mo.  Over the last three years at Durham, EJ has a line of:

We can break these out as totals versus Lefties and Righties:

So you can see that he hits righties a little bit better, but he walks well enough against lefties that his OBP isn’t effected.  Let’s run this through the regression calculator using his OLIVER overall projections (OBP/SLG/wOBA) of .302/.395/.302:





As you could have imagined his OBP and wOBA are virtually the same, though he does have a bit more pop against righties.  He’d need a plus glove to be a plus player, but I don’t think anyone that hasn’t seen him play (a.k.a. moi) is in a position to evaluate his defense.  Come back tomorrow and we’ll see how this line stacks up against the other two candidates.

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