Updated Standings Projections

Two weeks ago, we put up a post regarding how the projection systems projected the Rays to finish in 2011 and the news was rather disappointing because the Rays would not make the playoffs. Two more sets of data have been added – the fan projections from FanGraphs and the latest odds from Las Vegas. If you click the title in the columns below, you can learn more about each projection source.

You will recall from the last article that the systems have had trouble with the Rays the last few seasons as the club has overachieved or underachieved the projections by as many as 11 games so do not be too depressed by the 84-88 wins the different systems have the club at yet nor the 1-5 record the club has so far in Spring Training. Sure, the two times the Rays had at least the best record in the Grapefruit League they won the AL East but the correlation between spring and summer success is at best, extremely flimsy. As our friend raysprof reminds us, Earl Weaver was famous for saying, “No one’s gonna give a damn in July if you lost a game in March.”


BOS 92-70 96-66 98-64 97-65
NYY 91-71 92-70 94-68 93-69
TB 84-78 88-74 87-75 85-77
BAL 82-80 77-85 81-81 74-88
TOR 76-86 77-85 79-83 77-85

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