Nice Article from Cafardo

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe had a nice piece this morning on Jim Hickey’s tough role with the 2011 bullpen. Some particular comments from that article stood out:

  • “We have to be able to identify and pick out the guys who are best suited to succeed in the role in which we’re going to use them. [Manager]Joe [Maddon] does a nice job of matching guys up to put them in the best position to succeed.’’
  • The outside perception is that Hickey must make chicken salad out of chicken manure.
  • “If there was going to be a Benoit, it would be Juan Cruz,’’ he said. “I’d put my money on Juan. Similar injury to Benoit and not pitching last year. He’s got great stuff. He’s got a plus-plus arm, a plus breaking ball. He’s got a really good changeup, very much like Benoit.”
  • “McGee, I would say, he has the chance to start the year here, but it’s really, really premature,’’ said Hickey. “I compare him to Matt Thornton with the White Sox a lot. I would consider them capable of closing ballgames.’’
  • “I think Joe has said a few times, “The death of the Rays has been greatly exaggerated. I think so. I’m not saying this just to say it, because we have enough capable people to piece it back together.’’

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