The Extra 2% Is Here!

We’ve talked about this book for awhile now, but today is its official launch day at bookstores and their websites around the nation. Amazon has a very nice price on it right now should you choose to order it, and you should choose to order it. For less than the price of an outfield seat to a Rays game, you can read about how:

  • The Devil Rays scouted Albert Pujols and passed on drafting him despite the insistence of one of their scouts that he could be a 40 home run guy in the major leagues.
  • Even more stories about Vince Naimoli you probably have not heard yet
  • How the people of Hazelton, PA feel about their favorite son, Joe Maddon
  • Who are some of the people behind the curtain that make the Rays organization run

He is hosting a chat at ESPN today at 1p ET if you would like to ask him any direct questions. He will also be appearing on the ESPN 1040 Insiders show this Sunday morning at 10:30 ET as I interview him. If you have any questions of him, let me know here and I will ask him on the show Sunday.  To hear Jonah talk about the book in his own words, see this recent interview he did with the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch.


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2 Responses to The Extra 2% Is Here!

  1. raysprof says:

    I just downloaded it to my Sony e-reader. I prefer to use industry standard format and not be held hostage to Amazon’s proprietary format. Sony matched the Amazon price.

    My only concern about this book is that Joe Morgan / Harold Reynolds / name your favorite “stats people are ruining baseball” commentator will tell us that Joe Maddon and/or Andrew Friedman wrote the book, just like Billy Beane wrote Moneyball. And since it is more likely the Rays will not be in the playoffs this year, we will hear endlessly how, like Moneyball, the arguments in the book have been PROVED to be incorrect.

    Otherwise, I have been looking forward to this book.

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