The Extra 2% Night at the BallPark

Yesterday we, as well as the guys at DRaysBay and TheProcess Report started bouncing around the idea of doing an event related to Jonah Keri’s new book on a game day. Ironically, Jonah later got in touch with us about doing the same thing. We wanted to do something as early as possible to continue to ride the wave of the book, which is already the top-selling sports book at Amazon and 102nd overall.

So far, the date set is Tuesday, April 5th Sunday, April 17th, when the Rays host the Minnesota Twins. The price for the game ticket has not been set but Erik Hahmann has the details over at DRB. Please go over and vote in the poll so we can gauge the interest and get the final numbers in order to get a very nice bulk rate price from the Rays for this. We are also talking to Ferg’s about doing a pre and/or post-game event on site and Tommy and I are working with ESPN 1040 to host our Insiders show on Sunday morning live on site as well.

I strongly encourage you to visit DRB and vote on the poll so we can put together this grass-roots event, the first of its kind as a fanbase since many of us Rays fans organized a meet-up through the old (now message boards and nearly put the buffet in the 200 level out of food that night in 2006.

To hear Jonah talk about the book, here his interview earlier today with The Big Dog.


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