Et tu Brute?

When news came out that the Rays decided to sign Luke Scott, I personally was disappointed in the move. Not a fan of the injuries, wasn’t a fan of the 0-for-40 slump and the totals weren’t exactly eye-opening coming from a DH. Luckily, for us, reports were coming out that Friedman was still looking for bats to complement the team. With names like Thome, Hafner, Lee and others…there’s limits to what the team would get overall and it’d be power and basically nothing else.

Originally, I would’ve been utterly pleased if the Rays would’ve signed Hafner or Thome over Luke Scott. While injuries have slowed down production of both, they still produced when healthy. The Yankees pulled the trigger this week on Hafner, which may work out very well for them if he produces at the same rate as last year but with more games. Look at Raul Ibanez for them last year, a great buy-low guy that delivered for them in the clutch.

Today news came out that the runner-up for Hafner’s services was….the Rays. It appears that while Pronk is just a bat-only guy, the Rays were willing to overlook that for his possible production. Does that mean that the Rays may still be willing to overlook defensive inabilities with Carlos Lee or Jim Thome with their possible destinations dwindling and spring training nearing? I hope so, honestly. If the team was willing to give a player like Matsui a chance, they should almost be jumping at the chance to give these players a look.

Hafner, you may have been the Brutus to Luke Scott’s Caesar.

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