The 6 Mil, er, 2.75 Million Dollar Man

When I first read that the Rays decided to resign Luke Scott as their DH, I didn’t like the news. In my defense, I didn’t know the monetary details of the deal and I honestly seen his 2012 as a whole without looking at year-end trends(a cardinal sin when it comes to analyzing players.) Now, knowing that his contract with all incentives reached and last year’s buyout still come nowhere near the 6 Million Dollar option that they had with Scott.

Luke Scott claims to be coming into camp in great physical shape(with added muscle to his core and hip) and seemingly no back or shoulder issues from his surgery and a bad encounter with a hotel bed in Miami. If you look at Scott’s yr end trends and take out the 0-for-40 slump, Scott didn’t have as horribly bad season as his stats really suggested. If he is completely healthy and stays that way, Rays may finally have a full-fledged power-hitting DH on their hands and only have to pay 3.5 MIL for his services.

In 2012, we just got a glimpse of Wolverine. Maybe in 2013, we will see the retooled and stronger “Weapon X Project”(Adamantium Skeleton version of Wolverine)


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One Response to The 6 Mil, er, 2.75 Million Dollar Man

  1. Agree with your take on Luke, I expect him to have a big year, after a full off season of training instead of re-hab. Looking for something like 25HRs and 80 plus RBIs. while providing Evan some protection in the order. Should be a fun filled year!

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