Reid Brignac and the Magic of Andrew Friedman

When it was decided last week that Reid Brignac was designated for assignment as part of the transactions that were needed to open up 40-Man roster spots for Kelly Johnson, Kyle Farnsworth and Luke Scott, many Rays fans were in the general concensus that Brignac would likely be acquired by the Houston Astros, San Diego Padres or Minnesota Twins via waivers. It was generally considered a longshot that the Rays would get acquire a player or any cash considerations for a deal.

News came out Thursday afternoon that the Colorado Rockies acquired Reid for cash considerations AND a ptbnl. Whether or not this player is anyone of note is unclear, however the fact that the Rays acquired anything out of the deal is the most surprising part.

Many Rays fans know Andrew Friedman’s handywork in trades, but I believe this trade is one of his best ones to date. He somehow managed to acquire a player and likely enough cash for a possible future waiver acquisition out of a glove-first shortstop who is likely not ever going to turn out to be the offensive player that he once shown promise of being.


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2 Responses to Reid Brignac and the Magic of Andrew Friedman

  1. Jonathan says:

    Also nice in general to see the team move on from the past couple of season and clear out space on the bench for guys who can contribute In a more significant fashion

  2. Jake says:

    Clearly, Friedman has taken the fan opinion part out of his decision-making processes. He could easily make fans happy by keeping fan favorities, despite their under-performing, but it seems that he uses trends and his own projection systems to decide who are good fits for his teams, while not overspending.

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