The Mike Carp Project

The Seattle Mariners have done a lot this offseason, basically equipping themselves with every 1B/OF possible in hopes that the newly changed Safeco Park Effects are utilized and Jack Z is able to keep his job into the near future. Twice the Mariners thwarted the Rays in alleged attempts are acquiring a 1B to platoon with James Loney, in regards to Kendrys Morales and Michael Morse. However, in an unlikely change of events, a pitching acquisition by the Mariner’s may have helped the Rays find themselves a platoon-mate for James Loney.

Enter: Mike Carp

Mike Carp isn’t exactly your first pick for a platoon-mate for James Loney. Not exactly a great all-around hitter or a great power-hitter, but he does something well and may work out well for the Rays…he is a left-handed hitter who has made a career(however, it may be SSS) of hitting southpaw pitchers to a tune of .305/.340/450 with a TAv of .275. He hit LHPs to a tune of .310/.341/.381 with a TAv of .249 in 2012. The TAv of .249 for 2012 is interesting, due to the fact that it is the career TAv of Carlos Pena, who whiffed on LHPs to a tune of .179/.302/.333 with a TAv of .248 last year.

I am not sure if Friedman is currently in talks with Jack Z. in regards to Carp, however it may be a good idea for him to do this. Not like a roster decision would be too hard, considering there’s currently 5 catchers on the 40-Man roster.


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