Top 30 Prospects: #28 Granden Goetzman

Throughout spring training I’ll be running down my list of the top 30 Rays prospects, with the occasional weekend interlude. Check back daily to get caught up on the system with a new capsule each day. 

Granden Goetzman, OF | 6-4/200
2nd round, 2011 draft (Palmetto HS)

What happened in 2012? Goetzman drew some comparisons to Jayson Werth and his rounded tools as a high schooler, but so far the only way that’s come true is in the amount of time he’s missed with injury. He signed quickly but his 2011 season was cut short on August 8th, and he played in just twelve games at Princeton in 2012 before a stress fracture in his back ended things there. Looking at stats for rookie-ballers is a futile exercise to begin with, and 136 PAs over two seasons doesn’t tell us much, so I’ll just note that one tool he showed for sure was his speed: he’s swiped 13 bases and been caught only twice.

What needs to happen in 2013? He needs to stay healthy and get a full season’s worth of games (and more importantly, a full season’s worth of development). It’ll be his age-20 season and he’ll be stuck in short-season ball while many of his 2011 classmates are shipping out to full-season ball, but age-relative-to-league isn’t so important for a guy who’s missed as much time as Goetzman. If he can play in 60 games for Princeton or Hudson Valley while at least hinting at the tools that earned him $490,000, he’ll still be quite a legitimate prospect.

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