Superliga Has Arrived!

It’s that time of year again when you can get back to neglecting your plants because it’s Fantasy Baseball Season.  This annual rite of passage for brave young boys and girls comes but once a year, but fills nearly half of the calendar.  For the last three years a cadre of elite businessmen and myself have ran what we like to call the Superliga.  Most fantasy leagues feature 10 guys that mostly hate each other, but liking baseball is their common tie.  Well the Superliga is just like that, but even more!!!

The idea that some people are better than others is as old as time and as American as jazz.  In polite society one must prove their worth that they are better, because merely stating it without evidence makes you look like an asshole.  To that end we have created a Tiering System (TM).  Everyone starts out in the bottom-most tier.  We have 30 teams this year so if you’re new you will be in Tier 3.  If you played last year and sucked, but at least had the GUTS to come back this year then you’re in Tier 2, and if you played well last year and/or if you won your league’s playoffs then you will be welcomed into Tier 1 with vile glances and overly strong handshakes.  WELCOME!

Here’s a look at last year’s end of season rankings:

You’ll notice that the Adj. Win% does not equal the Win%.  Well since we want it to mean something and for it to be difficult to both enter Tier 1, but also to be removed, we’ve added weights that adjust your Win%.  If you’re in Tier 1 then your Win% is regressed equally with the number of games played to a .600 Win%.  I.e. if your team is .500 after 30 games then your Adj. Win% would be ((.500*30)+(.600*30))/(30+30) which amounts to a Win% of .550.  We do this for all teams in all tiers and here’s the weighting for each Tier:

Tier 1: .600

Tier 2: .550

Tier 3: .500

Tier 4: .450

Last year we had four Tiers so that was the weighting, but this might be tweaked this year since there are only three Tiers.  The important thing is to understand how the regressed winning percentage works.  I will be updating the above chart on a weekly basis so that you can see who is hot, who’s not, and where you currently sit.  As previously touched on, having a really great regular season record isn’t the only way to move up.  If you win your league’s playoff bracket then you will also automatically be moved up into Tier 1.

Without further adieu, it’s time to start RUNNING!  Below you will find which teams are in which league.  I will be looking for one team from each league to be the League Manager for that Tier.  We need not be friends, but I have to have a level of trust with you as this is a big undertaking.  If you are interested please let me know in the comments so that everyone else in your league will know who you are.

Once LMs have been assigned then I will hand over everyone’s email in that league to that Captain.  From there the LM will set up the league and each participant should keep an eye on their email.  LMs: do not set up the league until everyone has confirmed that they are all playing by the same set of rules and rosters.  Here is the breakdown:

If you have interest in being an LM then please notify my in the comments below.  I would prefer to take an overview role on this whole thing so we still need someone to captain Tier 1.  Since Top Gun did this in the past I would nominate him.  I don’t have a returning LM in the other leagues so have at it.  Here’s a link to the workbook that we’ve been using over the years.  Not a whole lot of solid information there, but we will continue to use it so you may want to bookmark the thing.

I think that’s about it for now.  I’d like to move quickly here so let’s have some League Managers step forward and we can get this whole thing set up.  Good luck out there.


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14 Responses to Superliga Has Arrived!

  1. Hatfield says:

    I am pretty much a modern day Fantasy Baseball success story. I began my career in Tier 4 like every n00b. After dominating Tier 4, I was promoted to Tier 3 last season. As you can see by the results above, crushed it again, resulting in my promotion to Tier 2 for this coming season. I think you all can see a trend here. I’m coming for you, Tier 1. – Hatfield, CEO of Matt Bush’s Bad Night Fantasy Baseball, Inc

  2. pudieron89 says:

    i can do it for tier 3 since i’m the only returning player. if needed.

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  4. sandalsnopants says:

    I can LM a league again if it’s needed. However, if I am in tier 4, I would prefer to not LM that league, but will suck it up for as long as you all can put up with the complaining I’m bound to doing over at [redacted].com

    • Jason Hanselman says:

      I’m fine with that, you’ll have Tier 2 and Pudieron will have Tier 3. Topper is taking Tier 1. Looks like we’re all set as far as LM’s so I’m going to contact y’all via email. Get ready!

  5. Jake says:

    Count me in, need the league info.

  6. catsondbs says:

    Meh, catsondbs of Lamigo monkey here, must have missed a previous Superliga post somewhere, any chance of open spot left if I am interested in coming back? Really doesn’t mind if is tier 3 or 4.

    • Jason Hanselman says:

      I can put you in as the third alternate since we’re already full. If you get seven more guys and everybody shows up then we could have a whole other entire tier. Get on that.

  7. Seth Hancock says:

    If a team fails to show up I could manage that spot. I missed all of the communication due to a new job and less free time. I had team hancock last season which almost made the jump from tier 4 to tier 1 in just one season. If nothing is there this season I will be back next season. Thanks.

    • Jason Hanselman says:

      Hey Seth, sorry to have missed you. You’re not alone as I had a few other people that wanted to play that came in late. As far as I know, everyone has accepted their invites and there are four teams (including yours) that would like to be included. I’m going to talk to the LMs to see if there is a way to work this in. If all four teams can guarantee that they will accept the invite then we might be able to turn Tiers 2 & 3 into 12 team leagues.

  8. Jason Hanselman says:

    @catsondbs @Seth Hancock Email me at and I’ll try to get you guys in a league. First I need an active e-mail, though so get on it ASAP.

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