League Type for Superliga

Now that we have our League Managers and everyone has a tier we should decide a few things.  Today we will decide whether this will be a head to head league or roto.  Each has their advantages so let’s put this up to you, the league, to decide which you prefer.


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6 Responses to League Type for Superliga

  1. H2H

    I like rivalries and the randomness of hot/cold streaks that occurs in actual teams.

  2. pudieron89 says:

    in for h2h (if there is a polling option I don’t see it)

  3. Jason Hanselman says:

    There should be a poll above. It’s showing up in Chrome, FWIW.

  4. John R. Ford says:

    Buncha cucks downvoting Roto, which of course is the fantasy sports format that G-d intended

  5. sandalsnopants says:

    Guess there’s a bunch of guys who just don’t GET roto.

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