Game 2 vs. Baltimore Orioles

So yesterday didn’t go quite as planned with Jake McGee’s meltdown.  The good news is that the bullpen only needs to string together 11 more scoreless innings to get their collective ERA down below 3.50.  GOOD LUCK BOYS!!!  Here’s today’s lineups and the projected wOBA for each batter vs. their starting opposition:









We expect Longoria and Zobrist to be the best hitters in the game, but Nick Markakis has a favorable projection, as well.  The worst expected hitters are Manny Machado and J.J. Hardy, but Jose Lobaton and Kelly Johnson aren’t expected to provide much offense on the Rays side, either.

Overall, this gives the Rays around a .330 team wOBA while the Orioles come in at .311.  With this in mind I would give the Rays a 56% chance of winning today.  Closer than you might think, but these are two pretty evenly matched teams that have arguably the two best managers in the bigs.  Let’s go out and win this one, whaddya say!

Assuming you do have anything you’d like to share you can do so over at the Blue Seat Lyfe game day thread.


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