Game 3 v. Baltimore Orioles

After last night’s thrilling game it’s getaway day at the Trop with today’s 3:10 PM start time.  Miguel Gonzalez gets the nod for the O’s while Roberto Hernandez will make his Rays debut.  The projections are not very kind to Roberto, but hopefully his groundball ways will keep the Rays in this thing.  Here’s today’s wOBA projections:

Miguel Gonzalez suffers from no such affliction.  The Matchup Tool sees Gonzalez allowing a .307 and .324 wOBA to the average righty and lefty, respectively.  You’ll notice that the Rays righty-heavy lineup today may really be in trouble, particularly after you get past the big boppers of Joyce, Zobrist, and Jennings.  Loney is a sneaky good matchup, while the Orioles are rife with solid plays today.

As we learn more about who Roberto Hernandez will be this year you may see him get more respect, but the best way is to go out an earn it starting today.

At those team wOBA figures I have the Orioles as a 60% favorite today, though I’d love to be proven wrong here.  As always, you’ll be able to comment on the game with other crazy assholes in real time at our sister site Blue Seat Lyfe.

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