Game 4 vs. Cleveland Indians

Tonight’s game kicks off at 7:10 and believe it or not good seats are still available.  The Rays look to shrug off a very competitive and emotional series against the class of the AL East in the Baltimore Orioles.  The Cleveland Indians are bringing their free agent darlings and nice trade chips down to St. Pete looking to take a few games at the Trop.  Here’s a more suitable pre-game if you like incomprehensible walls of numbers and here’s my wOBA projections for the starting lineups in this game:

Longo is the difference maker as Swisher and Santana mostly offset Joyce and Zobrist, but the Indians don’t have a bat like our stud 3B.  Still, you can see that the projections put this as tighter than you would think.  The Indians don’t have a black hole in the lineup, so to speak, and they have several good gloves in the field.  I give the Rays a 53.6% chance to win this game.

As always, you can comment in real time with real Rays fans over at Blue Seat Lyfe.  Let’s go Rays!


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