Matt Moore’s First Start of the Year

Matty Moore showed tonight why he’s one of the best pitchers in MLB.  All three of his pitches were working and he had confidence to throw all of them when and where he needed to.  Six innings, two hits, two walks, and eight strikeouts are the result of an outstanding night.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the things he did:

Matt’s fastball was rising around 12 inches and running arm-side around 11 inches.  The change was riding a bit further arm-side, but showing around four to five inches of “drop” compared to the fastball.  The breaking ball was a devastating force that was moving roughly 8 inches away from lefties/toward righties and dropping over a foot compared to his fastball.  You’re talking about a ballpark of over 200 square inches between how one pitch broke compared to another.  Wild.

You can really see the separation when you look at horizontal movement by velocity:

The change was coming in around 8-9 MPH slower than the fastball and wasn’t really all that much different, speed-wise, from the breaking ball.  The difference was the change running away from righties and the breaking ball moving at them with the veracity and precision of a Langolier.  A riff on this is bringing vertical movement into the picture with velocity:

It’s a little easier to see the drop from the fastball to the change and the even further plummeting when going to the breaking ball.  Here’s a look at the strike zone from the catcher’s perspective:

You can see which pitches he threw to righties and lefties and I’ve differentiated between the rulebook strike zone and the wider, more commonly called zone.  Big takeaways include the limited number of pitches on the inner third to lefties and his ability to move the ball around the zone.  The breaking ball was unpredictable the change up mostly down the fastball in the zone getting by batters.  Lastly, I wanted to take a look at some summary type stuff that I’ve been delving into lately:

Moore threw 100 pitches altogether with 38% against lefties.  He was mostly fastball breaking ball to lefties while bringing the change up more against righties at the expense of the fastball.  His pitches to righties is where it was at as all three were working really well.  His breaking ball to lefties was probably his worst pitch on the day.  Really exciting stuff and we all here at the Dock hope to see more of the same each and every time out.  Great start, Matty.



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