Wil Myers, So Far

A look what’s given Myers trouble early on…

The Rays sending Wil Myers to Durham to start the season came as no surprise, but there was of course some question as to how much of it had to do with arbitration/service time concerns and how much had to do it with baseball reasons. The one nit to pick in Myers’ game seems to be his strikeout rate, which went from roughly 17% in 2010 to 21% in 2011 up to 23.5% last season. Of course, I’m sure he and the Rays would trade another 1.5% uptick for for the type of gains he made in every other category, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is there that there’s some swing and miss in his game, and it’s something to work on while he awaits the big-league call.

In two games so far with the Bulls (they play a doubleheader today), Myers has three hits and a walk in nine plate appearances, but he’s also struck out in four PAs. Each of the four have come swinging, and a lot of his swinging strikes look very similar:


Breaking balls down and away have given him trouble in the first two games, and he’s going to keep getting peppered with them, even early in the count, unless he can make an adjustment to lay off them and work himself into fastball counts. Just something to keep an eye on while we work through the small sample size lull until statistics start to mean something.

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